“Our restaurant’s whole internet went down and we were unable to take card payments, check reservation lists, or even provide our guests with wifi. DCX was able to contact us before we even knew it gone down! We were so surprised about the great rates, and very thankful that we do business with DCX.” – Anonymous, Dining

“DCX is an honest and professional company. We were in dire need of a network infrastructure upgrade and after speaking with a few different IT service providers we were convinced this project was going to be extremely expensive. However, after consulting with DCX, surprisingly we were informed that the upgrades did not have to be as costly as told previously. The DCX engineer did a whole on-site evaluation and provided us with a proposal of a clear run-down of what was going to be needed, followed by the whole upgrading process. They were very thorough, professional, and saved us a substantial amount of money. Thank you DCX!” – Anonymous, Law

“Let us begin by saying DCX is a life-saver! We encountered a virus that if it was not caught in time it could have caused a great deal of damage. It was well on its way to deleting our files and retrieving our confidential information. But, with DCX by our side they were easily able to remove the virus and upgrade our anti-virus program to DCX Total Protect. We haven’t had a problem ever since and hopefully it stays that way!” – Anonymous, Financial Services

“At our condo building we had the SLOWEST internet connection in the world. They printers would work every so often, emails took forever to send, websites loaded after a year, etc. We really needed a network upgrade. DCX was able to provide us with the best solution of having two networks, one for guests and another for management. They upgraded our network for faster speeds and boom, it was working like clock work. They additionally upgraded our devices and everything worked great! We can’t believe we waited so long to contact them. Great work and super efficient.” – Anonymous, Housing

“I had a major hardware failure where I thought I lost everything on my hard drive. I was able to speak with one of DCX’s technicians over the phone and he was very helpful and came the next day to pick up the drive from me. Within a few days he informed that he was able to successfully extract all my data from the hard drive and back it up for me. With this pleasant experience, I asked them for advice on the best back up strategies and they provided me with the easiest and safest way to keep my information backed up. Glad to have done business with them.” – Anonymous, Medicine